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ruby red png.png
sapphire blue png.png
emerald green png.png

Ruby Red

Sapphire Blue

Emerald Green

gold png.png

Sphene Gold

tourmaline pink png.png

Tourmaline Pink

Fire Opal Orange

fire opal orange.png

New Candy Colours

Amethyst_Purple (no background).png
Tangerine_Dream (no background).png
Shamrock_Green (no background).png

Shamrock Green

Tangerine Dream

Amethyst Purple

Midnight_Blue (no background).png
Ocean_Turquoise (no background).png
Apple_Green (no background).png

Midnight Blue

Apple Green

Ocean Turquoise

Sour_Apple_Green (no background).png

Sour Apple Green

SPECIAL FX Candy colours are available in ready mixed (In binder) or in concentrates. The new concentrate form candies are made from the best inks on the market. Candy colours are best used over metallic colours to create a vibrant candy effect.

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