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Artist Paints Sculpture in Special FX 

SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 07 (small).jpg
SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 01 (small).jpg
SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 02 (small).jpg
SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 05 (small).jpg
SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 03 (small).jpg
SpecialFX Artist Scuplture 04 (small).jpg
Artist Paints Sculpture Special FX Luminous Red

The contemporary British artist Chris Levine paints his sculpture featuring in the 528 Hz Love Frequency exhibition in SpecialFX florescent luminous red.

The centrepiece of the Houghton Hall show 528 Hz Love Frequency exhibition is a monumental spherical structure Molecule of Light on the front lawn that emits a sound beam.


The Molecule of Light is 25m in height and its spherical structure is painted in Special FX Luminous Red for its dramatic impact and ability to reflect the light as part of the laser exhibition 528 Hz Love Frequency taking place at Houghton Hall in Norfolk from 22 October to 23 December 2021. Originally the sculpture was going to be white, however after testing a more reflective and dramatic affect was needed and therefore the SpecialFX paint was chosen.

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Special FX REFLECT Chrome with 2K clear coat

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-16 at 11.25_edite

Special FX Fluorescent

Special FX REFLECT Chrome with 2K clear coat


Special FX Fluorescent Yellow


Special FX Fluorescent Orange Green and Yellow


Special FX Fluorescent Pink


Special FX Fluorescent Orange/Green

chrome blue.jpeg

Special FX Autumn Flash


Special FX Fluorescent orange and Ruby Red Candy


Special FX Candy Tourmaline Pink


Special FX Evolve Autumn Flash


Special FX Fluorescent Yellow


Special FX Candy Ruby Red


Special FX Shene Gold & Ruby Red

Special FX Chrome with Blue candy

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